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Our warranty is our promise...


Your Fourtwo Warranty covers all vehicles supplied by Fourtwo for those periods specified in your Warranty Certificate, supplied at the time of your purchase. Please check and validate that your Warranty Certificate is complete and accurate at the time of receipt. Any incorrect information may invalidate any claim made under your Fourtwo Warranty.


This is not a service plan, service guarantee or any other form of service and maintenance schedule or protection for your vehicle. If you have chosen to enter into a service plan with Fourtwo, that is covered under the Service Plan Schedule.


There is no restriction on the number of valid claims against your Fourtwo Warranty, up to a cumulative total of the purchase value of the vehicle, Your Fourtwo Warranty is subject to the mechanical and electrical breakdown coverage offered, and the exclusions, outlined below.


Your Fourtwo Warranty Covers…

Almost all mechanical and electrical components in your vehicle for breakdown, subject to the terms of your Fourtwo Warranty and the maximum cover amount. Some components and parts, such as service items, are not covered.


Certain service items, such as lubricants, coolants, anti-freeze, air conditioning gas, belts, filters, spark plugs, glow plugs and the likes are covered where their replacement forms part of a covered claim.


Your Fourtwo Warranty Does Not Cover…

Your Fourtwo Warranty is designed to give you absolute peace of mind, and total cover on mechanical and electrical breakdown, however, there are some things that we are unable to cover, including, but not limited to:


  • body panels including paintwork
  • glass, including mirror glass components
  • body components, such as strikers, hinges or any component which may require adjustment from time to time
  • interior trims, fixtures and fittings, including seats and seatbelts
  • weather strips and seals, including outer and inner door seals
  • water ingress, including damage caused by water ingress
  • software or firmware updates, unless required due to the replacement of a faulty, covered item
  • in car entertainment centres (ICE), including standard and non-standard radio, CD/DVD players, auxiliary inputs, USB inputs, Bluetooth and Bluetooth connections, traffic management and satellite navigation systems (SATNAV)
  • recharging of the air conditioning system, unless required due to the replacement of a faulty, covered item
  • renewal of brake components due to wear and tear or constant use, including accelerated wear due to spirited driving
  • renewal of clutch components due to wear and tear, incorrect adjustment, or misuse
  • flushing, clearing or decontaminating fuel lines, filters, throttle body or pumps and replacement of such due to the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel or the ingress of any foreign body to the system
  • airbags
  • wiring and connections,
  • fuses, bulbs and LED illumination,
  • exhaust systems, including catalytic (cat) converters and diesel particulate filters (DPF)
  • wiper blades and arms and clearing, flushing or cleaning the screen wash system, including filters, pumps and jets
  • wheel balancing and alignment
  • wheels and tyres, including wheel nuts and valves and valve caps
  • external oil leaks, except for rear main oil seal and gear box input seal
  • any service items
  • any damage caused by misuse, impact damage, failure to maintain, including overheating and or frost damage and any other damage caused by any failure to properly and adequately maintain your vehicle
  • burnt out, sticking or pitted valves
  • timing belt failure and any damage caused thereon where the timing belt has not been replaced in accordance with the manufacturers printed guidelines, or such best practice advice given by Fourtwo at the time of purchase (see your Your Car supplement)


Making a Claim

The easiest way to make a claim is to bring your vehicle back to us at Fourtwo. We will assess your claim and confirm that your Fourtwo Warranty is still in force and that the claim is valid. Fourtwo will then manage the claim through to completion of the repair. If you are unable to bring the vehicle back to Fourtwo as the vehicle is not fit or safe to drive the distance back to us, please follow our claims process:


  1. Contact us to advise of the claim and we will agree a specified, VAT registered repair centre.
  2. Fourtwo will arrange with the repair centre prior to your delivering the vehicle to them or arranging collection.
  3. On your delivery, or their collection, provide them with this Fourtwo Warranty and your validation.
    1. Call us on 07488 939009 prior to commencing any work
    2. provide us with details of the date of first notification, the vehicle mileage and the owner details
    3. provide us with an estimate to complete the works, including breakdown of parts to be replaced
    4. Fourtwo will confirm an order number and acceptance of your quotation for the works
    5. Once the works are complete, please make your invoice out to Fourtwo Performance Limited and send it to The Cottage, Nairn, IV12 5RY
    6. Fourtwo will arrange payment directly with your, the repair centre, in the method agreed

NOTE: no work should be commenced without Fourtwo’s written instruction.

  1. For claims abroad, we will require you to manage the repair and present us with a genuine invoice. We will settle that claim where the work has been performed in the European Union (EU) at in GBP£ at the prevailing exchange rate as promulgated by the Royal Bank of Scotland on the date of the invoice. Nonetheless, you are required to notify us immediately of any claim prior to having any work completed. All other terms and conditions continue to apply.


Warranty Conditions

Fourtwo Warranty Conditions are set out below. Your Fourtwo Warranty will only be valid upon your agreement to and compliance with these conditions. Please take the time to read them and keep them in a safe place for your future reference.


  1. It is your responsibility to decide whether to authorise the dismantling of your vehicle. Fourtwo will not accept any costs for the dismantling of your vehicle which has not been authorised by Fourtwo prior to commencing an authorised repair.
  2. Forutwo will not be liable for any costs associated with any claim or attempted repair where it is subsequently discovered that the claim or repair is the consequence of any unauthorised repair or attempted repair.
  • If the repair is carried out by a 3rd party,
    1. Fourtwo will not be liable for the costs of any part which exceed the manufacturers list price for those parts.
    2. the maximum reimbursable hourly labour rate will be an equivalent to that in the UK.
    3. the total labour duration will not exceed the duration required to repair those authorised parts, which shall be measured in accordance with the Glass’s Guide ICME manual or manufacturer’s recommended repair times.
    4. every approved claim for reimbursement must be substantiated with a valid VAT receipt.
  1. Any failure of any part caused by your omission or failure to maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed guidelines or Fourtwo advice will be excluded from this Fourtwo Warranty. Ideally you should have your vehicle serviced by Fourtwo or by a manufacturer approved service centre.
  2. This Fourtwo Warranty is valid for breakdown in the UK, and for time travelling in the wider EU for a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days per annum.
  3. This Fourtwo Warranty is valid from the date stated on your Warranty Certificate and expires on the date stated on your Warranty Certificate.
  • This Fourtwo Warranty is offered on a fair and reasonable mileage and usage basis. Mileage and or use outwith a reasonable expectation in the model and type of your vehicle will be applied when assessing any claim.
  • This Fourtwo Warranty specifically excludes:
    1. any vehicle where the odometer or speedometer has been interfered with, altered, disconnected or does not work
    2. unauthorised repairs or modifications, including engine mapping
    3. routine servicing and maintenance
    4. any vehicle used for hire or reward, such as, but not limited to, taxis, couriers, delivery, driving schools and or any commercial vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight of more than 3.5 t
    5. any vehicle used for motorsport or any form of competitive driving
    6. any public service vehicle, such as ambulance, Police or military vehicles
    7. fair wear and tear due to age and mileage
    8. any damage which is due to any type of accident
    9. any damage that is the result of any wilful misuse or negligence of the vehicle and as a result of any deliberate act
    10. any parts which are part of any normal service routine, except where those parts are to be replaced as part of an agreed claim
    11. any parts subject to a manufacturer’s recall
    12. any parts which contain a design flaw
    13. any failure caused by any parts which a qualified engineer reasonably considers could have existed prior to the warranty commencing
  1. This warranty specifically excludes any liability for the death, bodily injury or damage to any other property or any loss or harm caused directly or indirectly by the claim or event giving rise to a claim under this warranty provided that this exclusion shall not apply to any death or bodily injury caused by the negligence of Fourtwo.
  2. Fourtwo reserves the right to provide replacement parts and to carry out repairs under this warranty directly or using an approved 3rd party supplier.



If you feel, for any reason, that we have failed to live up to our warranty promise, please do not hesitate in contacting Kenny Spink, Managing Director on:





All complaints are handled in accordance with our complaints procedure and treated in confidence.

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